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Acutonic Treatments

The Acutonic® approach to wellness is rooted in the
spiritual and wisdom traditions of Oriental Medicine.
It was recognised most diseases arise from a core
blockage in our energy. Acupuncture points provide non-invasive access into the core energetic systems
within the body. Using Acutonic® tuning forks help
us to fine-tune the therapeutic frequency that is
applied to the body with tuning forks.
Great for balancing, relaxing, energising, boosting
the immune system, and so much more!
Allow yourself an hour to be relaxed and balanced.

Call Cherie on 0434 253 318
or email me at

This Month's Featured Treatment
Awesome Pamper Packages

$60.00/hour - minimum 2 persons

Other treatments offered
Mobile service is
limited to within the Sunshine Coast, Australia


Specialists in:
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Thursdays and Saturdays sees Karen from Astrosound and Cherie from yr-plce.com running 'Unwrap Your Awesomeness' classes on the Sunshine Coast